After four years on the streets, a dog is reunited with her family

When a lady rescued and adopted this dog, she promised her that she would never suffer again in her life. However, the family lost the pet during the relocation from one state to another.

For four years, the dog’s distraught owners hunted for her and eventually located her. A couple saw a homeless dog in bad shape and decided to take her to a veterinarian facility.

After four years on the streets, the dog suffered arthritis, an ear infection, and a skin infection.To find the owners, the service employees created a post about the dog on their social media account, which quickly reached the woman.

«I couldn’t wait any longer,» the woman says. – I couldn’t take the notion of the puppy being there by herself, waiting for her «mother.» The meeting turned out to be really moving.

No one could hold back their emotions as they gazed at the woman and the dog, who had reunited after a long separation.

The woman stated that she never gave up hope that the dog would be found. She spent four years seeking a dog, contacting rescue organizations and posting about the critter on social media.

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