After covering over 40 of her tattoos, the kids didn’t know their mother: see the outcome

Amelia is a 23-year-old woman. And she has been tattooing her body for the past ten years.

The girl used her participation in the TV program as a chance to take a risk and examine herself without her hobbies.

Amelia said that she was concerned as the makeup artist matched the color of her skin to the tattoos by applying makeup over them.

After a few hours, Maria had curled the girl’s hair in addition to entirely covering up the drawings.

The first person to see themselves in the mirror was Amelia. She then went to her mother and stepfather in the adjacent room a little while later. Both people responded in the same way.

Amelia was in for another surprise when she returned to the garden to pick up the kids after the filming had finished.

The girl with curls and no tattoos was not recognized as his mother as the youngest son walked past her.

Both Amelia’s beauty with tattoos and without them were equally admired by the crowd, who also praised the makeup artist’s job.

The girl, however, claimed that she was now even more certain that fifty tattoos was not the upper limit for her.

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