After chatting with a fan in a well-known candy store in New York, Shakira was filmed on camera being emotional

The Colombian star appears unable to control her mood swings.

Shakira showed up to the Jimmy Fallon show yesterday with her song, which she wrote after divorcing with football player Gerard Piqué.

She was also seen being emotional by photographers a few hours later.

The singer was filmed by the paparazzi in a completely different mood the evening after the triumphant performance, when she smiled broadly and danced vigorously as usual.

Shakira stopped to talk to a fan at the M&Ms store. Although the subject of the conversation is unknown, the star appears openly upset in the image.

Users of social media are ironic: The singer, according to reports, wept when she saw the sweets’ prices.

But seriously, who knows? Maybe Shakira was just moved by a fan’s support.

In any event, we sincerely hope that Piqué’s infidelity and his mother’s plots have nothing to do with this.

Even if the former and his family are to blame for everything, there is no doubt in our minds that: The attractive Colombian will devise yet another unusual strategy for exacting revenge.

And even more than one at a time: with fantasies, vengeance, and originality.

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