After being trapped on ice for four days dog finds a loving home with his saviour

Several passers-by observed a small curly dog sitting on ice in the middle of the River.

He was plainly freezing and unable to leave on his own. Only icy water and ice surrounded him, while birds of prey and ravenous coyotes occasionally appeared nearby.

No one ventured to save the unlucky dog for four days until Jude Mead emerged along the river. When he spotted the dog, he began to consider how he could save him.

The dog stranded on the ice had already become a local celebrity by that point, and a large crowd had gathered to see him. When BASF Corp learned that Jude was planning to rescue the dog, they gave him an airboat.

Jude was able to reach the dog and rescue him out of the ice trap with its assistance. The dog’s paws were saved by doctors, and after he recovered, he was transported to a shelter.

The shelter began to contact people who wanted to adopt the dog on a regular basis, but the staff was confident that his savior would be the perfect owner for the dog.

The man agreed to keep the puppy, and a healthy and happy canine was delivered to his new home the next day.

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