After being seen on a romantic date, rumors of a relationship between Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez surfaced

Selena Gomez now commands almost all of the attention of foreign media.

The issue is that, in addition to becoming the most followed person on social media, she continues to plead with her followers to stop talking about Hailey.

Keep in mind that the fashion model’s fans continue to discuss her on her blog, and the model herself stated that they even began to visit her and her family.

Additionally, the star’s fans now have yet another reason to discuss. A widespread internet rumor that she was having a relationship with Zayn Malik recently surfaced.

It turned out that the restaurant owner in New York noticed a couple on a date and told her friend about it.

The correspondence was distributed online by her. As a result, fans are now actively talking about the new couple.

In an interview, the same woman confirmed her statements.

According to her, they arrived at the facility together and did not really try to conceal their feelings for one another.

Because this is New York, no one paid much attention to it,’ the restaurant’s proprietor explained.

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