After being rescued, a dog with a condition has a new and joyful lifestyle

For stray animals, life on the street is challenging enough, and their position is worse when they are in a bad shape.

So it was with Jacky, who avoided going out on the streets. Neighbors tried to help by providing food, but he really needed a permanent home.

The animal rights organization went to Jackie’s aid after learning of his situation.

He finally came to a halt at the garage after an hour of following him. The dog was unable to walk on all four legs.

He continued to hide behind the car, looking bad, in an attempt to make the rescuers go away.

They finally got him after much effort. Jacky began to relax, as though he realized he was in safe hands.

Following a checkup, they discovered that Jacky was born with a condition that prevented him from walking. They had no choice but to get rid of his short leg because it was making him uneasy.

Jacky recovered quickly and felt much more at ease. A rescue group found him the perfect home three months later.

He became a playful doggy and Jacky is still an active dog living the loving life he has always deserved.

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