After being rescued, a baby gorilla seeks cuddles from her caregiver

The touching video was taken by staff at a wildlife refuge in Cameroon. The baby gorilla gave its caregiver a sweet hug before leaving.

This child’s eyes are filled with so much love and thankfulness.

Recently, a little gorilla named Billie was delivered to the shelter.

Unfortunately, his mother was taken advantage of by con artists who were attempting to market animals, but she somehow managed to rescue the child.

Baby Billie gives his caregiver a tender hug in the photos the reserve’s coordinator took.

Like any creature during such a trying time, Billie most desperately needs warmth and support. The coordinator says, ‘It’s crucial that lonely babies like Billie feel safe.

Charming Billie enjoys playing in a separate cubs-only area while living in a large cage.

The everyday activities that staff members perform for a baby monkey’s playtime include playing, teaching social and foraging skills, raising the curiosity, climbing trees, and bathing.

We should always be grateful for animals, since they trust us a lot and when they are in need of help we should always be there for them no matter what. What do you think?

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