After being rejected by his mother, this kitten is overjoyed to be joining a family

Lara, who lives in England with her husband, saw an advertisement for help caring for a 5-week-old cat as autumn approaches last year.

The small kitten, who appeared to be a girl, was apparently on her way to a nearby farm, but the landowner in the area where she was discovered was unable to keep her.

As a result, he asked for help in getting the little fur ball the medical attention she needed.

Nonetheless, she was a kind and considerate young lady.

Lara recounts, ‘I scheduled a consultation with the veterinarian and promptly took her there.’

She was considerably smaller than she had anticipated, and she meowed the entire way to the vet’s office.

Since his arrival at his new home, the cute cat has continued to follow his owners.

She attempted to curl up on her knees in an attempt to attract attention; later that night, at midnight, she awoke looking for food and attention.

Lara recalls how difficult the first few nights were because she required frequent feedings. The pair wished their newcomer the best of luck.

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