After being left by his mother, this kitten is overjoyed to have found a family

Larisa, who resides in England with just her husband, came across an advertisement seeking help looking after a cat aged about 5 weeks as autumn approaches last year.

The kitty needs a home after experiencing rejection from his mother.

The little kitten, who appeared to be a girl, was presumably on her way to a nearby farm, but the landowner of the area where she was found was unable to house her.

As a result, he requested assistance in securing the medical care that the little hairball needed.

The tiny kitten was in need of medical attention. She was, nevertheless, a sweet and considerate girl.

I scheduled a visit with the veterinarian, picked her up, and immediately took her there, Larisa recalls.

She was much smaller than she had anticipated, and the entire journey to the vet’s office, she meowed.

The adorable cat has continued to follow his owners since arriving at his new home.

In an effort to get attention, she sought to cuddle up on her knees; later that night, around midnight, she woke up asking for food and attention.

Larisa recalls how challenging the first few nights were because she needed to be fed frequently.

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