After 12 years, a man helped a girl with her studies; this act rescued his life

The girl was obliged to assist her parents from a young age. A chance encounter gave Linn’s bad fate to a stranger, who then paid for her university education.

Zhuhai was unaware at the time that 12 years later, a nice deed would benefit his own life.

The girl was raised in a small village in the province of Siouan. Linn eventually had to look after her younger sisters.

Linn, who was done with worrying, met businessman Zhuhai in the new neighborhood.

He was raised in a similar family, so he was fully aware of the girl’s situation.

Zhuhai visited her parents with Linn and gave them his phone number. When the girl finished school, he advised calling.

That is exactly what Linn’s father did, and the businessman kept his word by recommending the girl for admission to the institution and funding her studies.

Twelve years later, the adult Linn was employed as a licensed optician at a famous hospital.

Although Linn was employed in a different hospital department, she hurried to assist.

She called her friends, and Zhuhai was immediately guided through all the administrative issues to the top medical professionals.

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