Adopted orphaned bear still lives as a domesticated pet with his caring humans 23 years later

Cats and dogs are the most prevalent pets believed to be man’s greatest friends.

However, some people, like this lovely Russian couple, choose to have unique pets. Their pet selection is remarkable. Stepan is a lovable, massive brown bear.

Yuriy and Svetlanna, the proprietors of this wild but tamed bear, live with him. When the bear was about 3-4 months old, the couple adopted him.

He was discovered alone in the woods by some hunters. He was in such bad shape that no one believed he would live.

The small cub, however, not only survived, but also got a forever home, thanks to Yuriy and Svetlanna.

They gave Stepan a second chance at life and began to care for him after adopting him. It had been 23 years.

Stepan is now a massive, joyful, and outspoken bear who is extremely friendly and enjoys interacting with people.

Some people are terrified of him because they believe he is dangerous and violent, but his owners assure them that he has never bitten anyone.

Stepan enjoys spending time with his humans, who organize ball games, plant watering, and other activities so that their colossal pet does not feel lonely. With Svetlanna and Yuriy, Stepan enjoys drinking tea. He is a huge fan of candies and desserts.

He’s a happy, enthusiastic, huge pet with a child’s soul inside.

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