Adele decided to put her career on hold once more, and she told her fans

Six years later, she has returned: The singer released the album ’30’ in the fall of 2021, which she dedicated to the emotions she felt during the divorce from her husband.

The record became the best album in the United States within a few days of its release.

She decided to take a pause from her career despite her success.

The singer decided to enroll in school. I really want to earn a degree in literature in English. This is my love.

I regret not attending college after high school, even though I do not intend to work in my field after graduation.

She says, ‘I regret not having such an experience.’ She will receive a diploma in 2025, and classes will be held remotely.

In which instructive establishment she will study is at this point unclear.

Moreover, the star has frequently expressed her admiration for English literature, all thanks to her teacher.

If I hadn’t excelled in music, the singer added, ‘I probably could have become a good literature instructor.’

She truly is one of the best. What do you think about this story?

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