Adam SandIer jokes about Jennifer Aniston’s desire for soulmates and powerlessness to pick her sweethearts

The fact that she is currently single is not a secret. She was married to Brad Pitt for a considerable amount of time, but the actor had a change of mind.

The actress later found happiness in Justin Theroux’s arms. The lovers planned a ceremony for their wedding, but they never got married.

In addition, the actors divorced in 2017.

However, they were able to maintain their friendly relationship, as later revealed, as they continue to communicate frequently.

According to her, her on-set partner. He was greatly amused by such a personal life story.

As it turned out, they have been friends for a long time. Jimmy naturally became interested in celebrities’ advice for one another over the years.

She also emphasized that they have had just a very friendly relationships for a long time.

She asserts that he has always stood out as a warm and compassionate individual. He frequently neglects himself in the process of taking care of others.

Therefore, I enjoy taking care of him,’ the actress acknowledged. What do you think about this story? Let us know.

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