According to Katy , she is storing her outfits in a ‘storage’ for her daughter

Katy has made it clear that she will eventually hand her daughter all of her outfits by storing them in a ‘warehouse.’

During a recent interview, the 37-year-old singer talked about her wardrobe and said that she wants to give her daughter a collection of looks, from red carpet dresses to costumes. She explained, ‘Everything is in a warehouse.’

Daisy will acquire a lot. She also admitted that she won’t be able to select clothing for her child forever, so she enjoys doing so ‘while she can.’

Perry has previously discussed her daughter’s fashion sense. She noted Daisy’s enthusiasm for dressing up, particularly with various pairs of her parents’ shoes.

Singer enjoys helping us put on our shoes. Because I design shoes, of course, I have hundreds of pairs.

However, once she puts them on, she enjoys sliding around the house. and occasionally in the shoes of dad. It’s just so adorable.

Perry also emphasized how Daisy moved her and referred to her as her ‘muse’ in a number of contexts, particularly when designing footwear.

She inspires everything I do. She is everything to me. I truly appreciate it; She added, ‘She really is my gift.’

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