According to Andy McDowell, having gray hair made her happier: The actress spoke openly in the interview

The actress, who has been called one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women on multiple occasions, decided to do her best to accept her age.

The celebrity now appears on the red carpet with flowing, grayish-silver hair. The star herself claims that this makes her happy.

I’m half a year older than my sister. She looked great and stopped dyeing her gray hair, which I noticed.

I was even somewhat desirous, so I chose to attempt it as well,’ he said in a meeting with Individuals Magazine.

The star says that she is thankful to nature for the chance to go through such a thing.

She decided to think about aging and how to accept one’s body at any age. I gave birth to three children in the end.

I continually need to work with my uncertainties to adore this piece of my body. He shared, ‘It’s so hard.’

Surprisingly, her friends and family were supportive of the changes to her appearance.

However, the managers stated that he cannot yet turn gray. However, they were ignored by the actress. Cool, right?

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