According to a source, Travi$ feels about rumors that KyIie Jenner and Timothe ChaIamet are dating

The relationship of the most youthful from the famous family with the rapper was, though lengthy, yet troublesome.

The couple split up several times before reconciling.

Last time the youthful guardians fought toward the beginning of January — and the squabble finished unfortunately just for the rapper.

All of the cards were finally shown by an insider. It appeared that her affair with an actor was nothing more than a means of detaching herself from her breakup with the father of her children. Yet, it was not there.

Months after the fact, it reached the place where her fastidious family supported her decision.

A source shared, ‘He admires her self-assurance and believes she is stunning.’

However, her ex-boyfriend is upset that she started a new life so quickly after their breakup. Be that as it may, the case didn’t turn into an outrage.

‘ The insider added, ‘They’re both focused on raising kids and being the best parents they can be.’

Prior to calling the rapper an excellent dad, how about we sit tight for his response to the colleague of the children with the new sweetheart of their mom.

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