A year after the woman won the beauty contest, the husband left his wife because of her weight

From the start of their marriage, she had issues getting along with her spouse. Alina also frequently referred to fast food as a way to calm.

The food quickly had an effect on weight, which made the family situation worse. So it was only a matter of time before the conclusion.

Rain weighed 124 kg when her husband left.

However, what’s most interesting is that the woman was concerned about the consequences of ending the relationship.

Alina then made the decision to begin changing herself. She started eating differently and started working out every day.

The sessions were particularly challenging in the beginning, throughout the first few months, but by six months, the change was evident even without weights.

Rain had changed significantly a year after beginning a new life.

She dropped nearly 60 kg and made the decision to participate in a beauty contest, which would be the last test of her self motivation.

She was surprised when the woman quickly made the shortlist and then advanced to the final round.

Rain started working as a fitness instructor and made the decision to start assisting women like her in finding themselves at the same time.

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