A woman purchased an old garage and converted it into a 127 square meter home in just a year

Maria actually just had enough funds available to purchase an old garage in a good neighborhood.

Many of her friends questioned her choice, but Maria understood her strategy correctly and transformed the garage into a 127 square meter house in just a year.

The house is considerably larger inside than it appears from the outside. Maria invested in a garage.

Given how expensive apartments are in this area, the woman had no concerns when she was able to purchase at least a garage.

Maria is also a well-known architect.

And she was always aware of how to alter the structure to meet her wants.

Instead of the gates, the architect substituted a door that blended seamlessly into the wall.

The house still had the appearance of a conventional two-story construction, though.

After one floor was raised, just windows remained above ground.

On the floor, there is a kitchen room and a living room with a stove.

The top level ceiling and the upper floors each feature transparent inserts in the floor.

This creates the illusion that the room is even bigger. Maria also made an attempt to employ as few separators and walls as feasible.

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