A woman made the choice to get a shelter cat, but her dog had to choose

It is presumed that the prospective owner chooses the pet. And the majority of the time, that is exactly what takes place.

But there are always exceptions, like this one when the owner gave her dog the job of choosing a cat.

The adorable connection between a husky and a small cat was then discovered by a large number of users.

Paul, the owner of a husky, thought it would be great to have another pet at home a few years ago.

She went to the shelter and let the dog decide whether or not to be her pet because she would have to get along with the child she would eventually adopt.

While observing the response, Huskies displayed numerous kittens.

It was clear that the dog should return to his home when a very small cat suddenly appeared and rushed over to play with him.

And this marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship that would last the entire day between two animals.

The woman even made an Instagram account where she shares photos of their lives. Due to the page’s popularity, it has a lot of followers.

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