A woman adopts a pit bull, and the dog can’t get enough of her new owner

One of the best decisions you’ll ever make is to adopt a dog from a shelter. Not only will you gain a witty and fascinating companion, but you will also gain a true lifelong buddy.

The woman in this story has direct experience with a dog’s gratitude.

Kaia is a student who enjoys volunteering at the animal shelter in her community.

Roger, a cute doggy with health issues, was introduced to her in this manner.

They clicked right away, and the woman quickly felt they should be best friends.

The young woman told a popular journal that the cute and adorable doggy was in really bad shape. ‘

He just sat there silently, staring at me… And I decided I should take it right now’ . So she welcomed Roger into her home, giving the cute dog a taste of what it’s like to be at home.

The dog will not stop cuddling with his new owner to demonstrate how grateful he is that she provided him a permanent home and lavished him with love. And the animal’s gratitude is truly precious.

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