A woman adopted two children with a one-year age difference, and it found out that they were siblings

A woman named Flora chose to dramatically change her life after divorcing her spouse. She first changed jobs, then homes, and finally, new friends.

Then, in a new location, she discovered a good job and started working in a center for children.

Physically and mentally taxing at first, Flora eventually grew accustomed to her task and made an effort to be of service at all times.

The baby was left behind at the age of just 4 days, despite the decision to adopt one of the wards! He lived alone in the state system, but did he deserve it?

The center unexpectedly offered to adopt a girl because the son had made his new mother happy and had grown up to her delight.

Flora accepted but questioned if she could manage it. The infant was little, and son’s bracelet matched exactly on his hand.

She discovered that the children were related, and that the mother had once more left the child after becoming pregnant.

And by the time Flora managed to locate her, she had been pregnant once more! Cool, right?

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