A well-known actress is dating Kendall Jenner’s ex-husband: New York City spotted them

Kendall Jenner has been in a relationship with athlete Simmons for a few years.

Even though he was not a member of the famous TV family, everything hinged on the stars marrying and starting a family.

The model and the basketball player separated last year, according to reports.

After that, they were seen together a lot, which led fans to believe that he and Kendall had made the decision to get together.

However, insiders insisted that there is only friendship between them. Additionally, this information has recently been verified.

The athlete, who was 26 years old, was actually found with the pretty actress Elisa.

He and Elisa themselves do not respond in any way to rumors about their relationship, despite the fact that the network began discussing it right away.

Nevertheless, this is unsurprising. Simmons was also reserved during his lengthy relationship with Jenner, and he did not respond to any of the media reports.

In addition, she has a rather extensive personal history. In interviews, Elisa herself tries to avoid discussing her personal life.

She probably doesn’t even think about the possibility of a long-term, serious relationship right now.

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