A truck driver discovers a small canine in the trash in his garbage truck and saves her life

Garbage transporters are known as animal heroes. These drivers are always there to help them.

For example, consider this man, who rescued a dog that had become entangled in his truck.

He was driving in his truck when he realized there was something strange in it. It was a small white dog. They don’t know how she ended up in the trash truck. The dog had a tough time, but it could have been a lot worse if the driver hadn’t noticed her.

She’d end up in the garbage disposal unit. ‘I think someone tossed her in there since where the dock is at, she’s too short to even consider jumping on that dock,’ he said. ‘She just smiled when I lifted her up,’ said the man.

Fortunately, the dog is fine at this point. Because an examination is taking place, the canine cannot be adopted for the time being.

She is currently under protection . Many people considered the driver to be a legend. They also joke that for those who express interest in the worker, he is not available for adoption.

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