A thoughtful and resourceful young guy raised enough money to purchase armour jackets for police dogs

Brad and his mother started a charity to help people with assistance dogs. They gathered almost $315 thousand dollars in two years and equipped 257 dogs with body armor.

The student is baffled as to why dogs, who are just as vulnerable to gunfire as police officers, should not be protected by body armor. About two years ago, Brad and his family were watching a television show.

He saw that the police dogs did not have the same level of protection as their handlers. A mother and son founded the organization to help police dogs. In 23 places around the United States, the boy was able to give protective jackets for assistance dogs.

‘My favorite police dog is Benny,’ the boy explained. ‘It’s all because to his owner, who was so moved that he cried.’ A training facility for assistance canines is also vital, according to the modest benefactor.

The student decided to create a similar establishment. As a result, he established a canine park. Once a week, the park is closed to allow the police to train their canines.

Brad’s nonprofit hopes to help a lot of service dogs.

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