A teenage musician was living on the streets when he was given his life back by a nice kitty

Mike, a vocalist, had to go through a lot of tough times. He began to live on the streets. He thought that things would only get worse and that he would never get well.

Fortunately, he came upon a cute cat, and before he knew it, they had become close friends.

Mike spent hours amusing the public in an effort to make some money.

Because of the affection with which he had approached the tiny youngster, he realized he had to assist him.

He didn’t have much money, yet he spent it all at the veterinarian.

Since I met him, things have only been better. He brought me home. After assisting him, he remained with him for some time in the hopes that his owners would arrive and collect him.

However, no one has stepped forward to claim the lovely young fuzzy, who appears prepared to never want to be parted from Mike again.

Then she decided to give him the name Boo. Mike published a book that became a huge hit as a result of the beauty of their love.

It’s an inspiring tale that shows the value of pet love.

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