A statement about her fiancé was made by Megan Fox, and he probably won’t like it

The couple got engaged at the start of 2022. However, the wedding, which is anticipated by both fans and journalists, has not yet taken place.

The musician and actress continue to give rather odd interviews about each other. Fox claimed that she began painting herself the ideal man when she was four years old.

And MGK, who is exactly four years older than her, fully satisfies her requirements.

Since I was four years old, I had dreams about him because he is so similar to me. Moreover, he is four years older than I am.

He is the person he is because of my thoughts and intentions.

In an interview with reporters, Megan emphasized, ‘Who knows what he would feel like and be if it weren’t for me.’

Additionally, Megan acknowledged that she initially refused to participate in the film, which led to their meeting.

I just knew that it was absolutely necessary for some reason.

Additionally, when I read the script, I noticed an unfilled character and decided to inquire about casting.

It would be MGK, I was informed. The actress shared her memories. ‘It was as if I already knew this name, but no,’ she said.

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