A small kitty goes into a police station and asks to be noticed

The combination of intellect and compassion that cats possess is well known for softening even the strongest of hearts.

With their characteristic purr, these adorable beings offer joy to the home. They are highly faithful and will stay with their human family for life.

A kitten entered the police station with the hope of finding a loving home and staying there.

He reportedly tried to pass for a K9 unit and remained there till he arrived for an interview.

Kitty went into the sergeant’s office to take the printer before taking a quick nap ‘on their social media accounts,’ according to the police.

The kitten may have been chosen to join the legal team due to his amazing attitude.

Police department says he’s pretty handsome and has a great attitude.

The cat was actually only interested in becoming the department’s official mascot, and since he was so dedicated, he was going to succeed.

The police agency announced: ‘We are happy to say that the officer has brought him to the veterinarian and is also adopting him.

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