A restaurant owner who turned out to be a Shakira fan escorted Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend out

His personal life and that of his new lover, who he left Shakira for, are still closely watched by Internet users.

Keep in mind that the football player had been cheating on the mother of two of his children for nearly a year prior to the couple’s official separation.

The singer also found out about this when she returned from a long trip and noticed that her favorite strawberry jam, which he doesn’t particularly like, wasn’t there.

After learning the entire story, many fans naturally took up arms against the athlete.

He emphasized that he had chosen a young lover because he was absolutely certain of his feelings for her at one of his press conferences.

Additionally, he shared a photo of himself and his new love on his blog, which only served to further out the former lover’s fans.

He probably had no idea that this would result in not only a lot of remarks on the internet but also much more concrete consequences.

Journalists recently learned that he and CIara were both escorted out of a prestigious restaurant together. It turns out that the owner is a fan of the singer.

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