A rescued cat forms a strong bond with a new ‘brother’ who resembles him in every way

A Japanese woman previously adopted a shelter kitten. The mother saw a kitten on the same shelter’s page not long after that that was identical to her Noni.

She claims that the shelter only gives cats who come in a week to find new homes.

The Japanese woman took a day off from work and went early to the shelter to adopt a kitten she gave the name Nika.

She brought him home and introduced him to the first cat after she took him to the vet for an examination, which revealed that he was in good health.

Nika and Noni appeared to be identical twins. In order to properly acclimate the cats to one another, the woman gradually introduced Noni and Nika while keeping the cats in separate rooms.

On the other hand, Noni immediately began to behave well toward the little one.

In just a few short weeks, Noni and Nika became friends and have never been apart.

Nika is becoming more and more like Noni as she gets older, despite the fact that these cats come from different mothers.

Despite the fact that they have white stripes, their colors are almost identical.

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