A rejected cat with two distinct eye colors and extra toes found a permanent home and is now quite happy

Sana is a one-of-a-kind cat that was abandoned by her owners when she was around one and a half years old. She is now five years old and resides in New York with her new caring people.

Karen, the new owner of this beautiful cat, gave her a lifetime home and her affection by adopting her. She is a social media celebrity, and her address generates a lot of positive feedback.

She grabbed everyone’s heart with her beauty and one-of-a-kind look.

Karen and her husband Jack, her new owners, had no idea why she had been rejected by her prior owners.

She was quite shy and scared when they adopted her.

She would flee and hide in the corner whenever one of the humans entered the door. Sana needed a few months to acclimate to her new, better life. After a while, Sana began to trust her owners and become closer to them.

Sana began to follow them about their house. When she was hungry, she would lie in front of the kitchen door and stare at her food plate. Sana is currently quite content in her new home.

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