A protection center in Zimbabwe provided safety for a baby elephant that had become separated from its mother

There are numerous reasons why elephants attract humans. A few find their height and strength fascinating.

Others appreciate their gentle demeanor. It is evident that humans have a deep affection for elephants, regardless of the reason for their preference.

Everyone at the center was surprised to see a single elephant in the clearing one evening.

There were no other elephants to accompany the very young elephant. Besides, it was strange for a mother to leave her child along these lines.

A wildlife rehabilitation center took care of him.

Mocca is a sweet and peaceful infant. One of the doctors stated, ‘Now he trusts us and frees himself a little more and more every day.’

After two days, Mocca consumed the food recommended by the caregivers and drank milk from a bucket. He was already consuming milk from a bottle on the third day.

As a result, the elephant was baptized Mocca and is in excellent health.

As a result, after following Mocca’s trail through the forest, the team realized that Mocca had traveled on his own at least four kilometers away from the Park.

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