A pregnant cat knocks on a family’s door asking for help and adopts two kittens

Giselle Yang volunteers with the Rescue Foundation.

She presently lives with a kitten named Harry and has a strong attachment towards them.

Even though the cat has been treated, it looks like he is always painting kittens when they are about to give birth.

The kittens frequently came to Giselle’s house to ask for assistance, but Fluff won her over the most.

The orange cat walked a little hesitant up to Giselle’s door.

As the days went by, she was taken care of and started to show her most adoring characteristics.

Giselle looked online and in her area to see if it was someone else’s pet, but when no one turned up to claim her, she decided she had to take care of her.

A few weeks later, he learned that the cat was pregnant.

The woman required a secure location to give delivery. She has shown to be a role model for mothers.

She spent the entire day feeding and caring for her babies.

Giselle said that she likes to wrap her tiny paws around it and that she is very protective.

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