A policeman is motivated to bring a cat home after learning about his situation

When this kitty was located by two officers, the story of an adorable cat that was found walking the streets of North Carolina alone was changed.

They made the decision to stop and see if they could assist the small fur ball when they saw it.

Police have been searching the entire area for his mother who might be keeping an eye on him since they think he may have gotten lost.

Despite their searches across the neighborhood, nobody appeared to claim it. Officers searched the neighborhood in an effort to track down the kitten’s mother or owner, but were unsuccessful.

The police took the small cat on patrol and carried him around all day since they couldn’t give up on him because he was helpless and had nowhere to go.

Cute cat was not sociable, but as the officer softly patted him, he gradually relaxed.

The small cat quickly decided that this was the ideal place to join them by climbing onto her rescuer’s shoulders.

The cat purred briefly and joyfully from the shoulders of the officer, as if thanking them for keeping it safe and secure.

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