A pit bull was discovered in a park with an emotional message attached to him

After his old owners no longer required him, luck shined on the adorable pit bull, and he was rescued. He was attached to a tree in a Brooklyn park and had a message next to him.

Thankfully, someone discovered the dog in time and rescued her! Eric, a nearby resident, was walking his two dogs in the park when he noticed a doogy near a tree. Eric looked for the dog’s owners first, but they weren’t there.

He was astonished to notice a message on a tree when he got closer.

Because the dog was exactly as nice and sweet as she was, Eric approached her right away.

Eric recognized then that he had come across a left puppy and that he ought to do something, but he didn’t know where to begin.

He did, however, resolve to assist Mamas.

Eric was stumped for what to do, but he wanted to help, so he took a few photos and put them on his Facebook page. The dog appeared very joyful when he arrived at the rescue center. He simply felt safe and secure.

He can be adopted once she has received all of her treatments.

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