A picture that had a lot of criticism by Salma Hayek: See the image

Salma Hayek, 56, has a lot of admirers because she dresses to show off her feminine curves and looks stunning.

However, the actress herself appears to believe that she does not appear young enough despite this.

Otherwise, how does one explain her obsession with photo retouching to the point where even her fans no longer recognize her?

As a result, the celebrity recently shared a brand-new picture on her blog, which did not fail to pique the interest of Internet users.

Who is this person? ‘Well, no healthy person would believe that the woman in the photo is 56 years old,’and ‘You look like you are 25 years old.’

Please stop taking so many photoshopped pictures. Most of the time, fans don’t remember how they really look.

It’s strange to use filters on social media to look 20 years old. Who actually requires it?’ People on the Internet are surprised.

I am not a model. Additionally, ‘I have already met the man of my dreams,’ the well-known individual emphasized.

She probably decided to delete the photo as a result of this. This image is no longer displayed on the social media page of the celebrity.

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