A picture of several nurses at a medical facility who are all pregnant at the same time was shared online

A picture of several nurses who are all pregnant at the same time was shared on social media by the Medical Center.

The photographs feature nine pregnant women, but only eight of them were able to participate in the session.

Between April and July, all of the nurses in the maternity section are between the ages of 20 and 27.

The hospital promises to have a strategy for handling the many maternity leave requests from its staff.

The service has a total of 80 employees who can rotate, and this is not the first time something like this has occurred.

Because it lets everyone have a rest and spend time with their new baby, this is a great solution.

It is evident that this shared experience is very happy, as each of us has shared her news with her colleagues in nursing.

It will be wonderful for the children to become friends and to grow up together. Additionally, the mothers offer each other a lot of support.

They will undoubtedly support one another in the future. What do you think about this story?

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