A picture of Elon Musk and his grown son was shared online

Elon has recently received all of the public’s attention. Every now and then, the billionaire gives reasons to talk about himself.

Fans first talked about his divorce with singer Grimes, then a surrogate mother had their second child together, and then a real rumor arose when Twitter was bought.

This summer, his biography contained a number of additional facts that changed the entrepreneur’s reputation.

He first admitted that he had a relationship with one of his company’s employees. Second, the journalists discovered that he was having a relationship with the wife of a close friend.

However, this is disputed by both sides.

He probably made the decision to forego his remarks for the time being and publish only content that absolutely won’t draw attention on the Twitter page.

As a result, a picture of his grown son appeared on the blog of the world’s richest man.

The boy, on the other hand, received much less attention than his hairstyle.

After watching too many Vikings the previous Thanksgiving, he made a joke.

He also responded to one of the admirers by praising not only himself but also his son.

Netizens actively criticized this hairstyle.

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