A photographer shows how redheads are perceived in many cultures

Only 2% of people worldwide, according to a few unofficial statistics, have this type of hair.

Logan, a photographer, claims nonetheless that their uniqueness extends beyond only their hair.

The photographer has been studying and documenting redheads all across the world for more than seven years.

In fact, Scotland is considered every redhead’s paradise, which encouraged Logan’s decision to do such a study.

The photographer believes that the distinctiveness of these people is more than just their hair color; they have a special energy.

Logan gathered all of his images into one group and put them on his social media page so that everyone may enjoy and experience the uniqueness and originality of these people.

I’d want to point out that, while all of the models are different, there appears to be a connection between them.

They obviously have something in common, and it’s not simply hair color.

Logan also came to the conclusion that being red is ideal for children but not so great for adults.

After all, everyone is always interested in people with red hair. Cool, isn’t it?

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