A photographer filmed an unusual connection between a wolf and a bear

Lassin Rautiainn, a 55-year-old wildlife photographer, recorded a rare pair of pals in the forests of northern Finland: a young male bear and a she-wolf.

The creatures were frequently observed together, according to the photographer, and showed no bad signs toward one another.

On the contrary, they shared a meal in the shape of a deer on multiple occasions.

Bears and wolves are opposites and can’t stand each other, thus this is exceptional.

For ten days, Lassin kept an eye on the couple. He said he has no idea why they are so friendly, but believes it started when they were both very young and that collaborative feeding helped them to go on.

Other such cases, at least in Europe, are unknown to Lassin. In zoos, you can occasionally observe cubs of various species befriending each other. This phenomenon is not witnessed in the wild, but there are exceptions to every rule.

This story shows us that animals often do not care about appearances or even species when it comes to friendship. It is something humans should definitely learn as well.

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