A newborn orphaned elephant seeks comfort and affection from a new herd after losing his mother

Elephants are excellent, compassionate, and caring parents who care about other newborns as well. A tiny orphaned elephant receives affection and comfort from a new elephant family in this heartwarming story.

A few years ago, a rescue team discovered a newborn elephant walking alone along the river.

The rescue team went there immediately since it was unusual to find the newborn animal alone. It soon discovered that the weary elephant had lost his mother and was weeping uncontrollably.

Fortunately, he came upon good individuals who rescued him and took him to the elephant orphanage. He received all of the essential medication and attention here. He was fed milk from a bottle and quickly recovered.

The staff saw how difficult it was for this orphan baby to survive without his mother’s love and devotion, so they decided to arrange for him to meet the elephant herd. But they had no idea what a wonderful moment they were about to witness.

The new family’s greeting was so warm that this image warmed everyone’s heart. The kind elephants came around him and began to gently stroke him with their trunks, attempting to console him. They appeared to understand his anguish and wanted to assure him that he is not alone.

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