A Mexican girl outperforms Albert Einstein in intelligence.: What heights has she already ascended to?

Amhara, a Mexican, has an IQ of 162. At the age of 12, the child prodigy registered in university and began speaking at scientific conferences.

Mallela Sanchez, her mother, noticed her daughter’s unusual behaviour as early as childhood: she could play with a toy for hours or move on a chair.

She also found it difficult to communicate with the children. Our main character began studying exact sciences at a young age.

She could read by the age of three, and many children at that age were just learning to speak. The mother then decided to take her daughter to a gifted testing center.

Her IQ was determined to be 162 points. Einstein, his favorite scientist, had an IQ of only 160. This young lady has big plans for the future.

Amhara will begin the settlement of Mars.

There are photos on her Instagram page confirming that our title character contacted representatives from the space industry.

It is unknown whether or not this endeavor will succeed. Amhara is a gifted young lady.

At the age of 12, she attends numerous conferences, and adults value her opinion and communicate with her on an equal footing.

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