A man who has spent a lot of time looking for his lost cat discovers the animal on the news

This funny event happened fourteen years ago. One day, the cat’s owner had to travel to another country for a long period of time.

There, he had to go through a long therapy process. The cat was looked after by a woman who did it every day.

The cat, however, appeared to have simply gone away from home because it missed its owner.

He then started to scout the area around the nearby homes.

The cat in one yard found a shortcut to the garage, which they frequently visited and kept dog food in sacks.

He once tried to enter the garage and got stuck in the hole.

When the home’s owner noticed the cat, he called for help, and the obese cat was taken to a shelter.

The entire staff at the shelter was surprised by the cat’s size.

Journalists found the strange cat, examined him, and then broadcast their story on all regional networks.

The cat’s owner was already at home when he saw his pet on the news.

The man located his runaway the next day and provided a photo as proof that it was in fact his cat.

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