A man went to the hairdresser for the first time in five years, and upon leaving, he was unable to identify himself in the mirror

The expert performed the unthinkable when the man went to the hairstylist for the first time in five years!

He walked into the living room and emerged as a true idol.

The hairstylist documented this transformation’s process on his YouTube channel; despite having a lot of experience, I must admit that this man’s appearance astonished me.

The man had noble hair that had grown on his head for five years before coming out.

Due to the hair’s length , the master found this style challenging. He started by reducing the extra hair, then he added the shapes that gave the hairstyle its expressiveness.

After cleaning the customer, the barber took control of his beard. He cleaned his three-day beard in addition to styling his hair in one motion.

The outcome is surprising. The client can hardly be recognized!

Here is evidence of the effect a hairstyle has on a person’s appearance in case you still believe that five years between hairstyles is not a reasonable time limit.

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