A man purchased a small island, where he spent 40 years quietly looking for treasure

Bernardo spent his last remaining funds in 1962 on a little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Friends thought of him as an introvert who did not want to be in civilization.

In addition, he resisted selling his plot of land to an Arab sheikh for millions of dollars for 40 years while looking for treasure on the island.

After making the purchase, the man moved right away to the island and started exploring the area.

In the early years, drinking water had to be transported from nearby islands.

Bernardo spent all of his spare time working to develop the island. At least, that was his approved account.

The man grew fruit trees, palms, and mangoes. As a result, friends regarded Bernardo as an introvert.

They were unaware that the man had discovered some treasures while on a trip in Africa.

Out of boredom, the guy attracted birds to his island and gave huge sea turtles a place to stay.

Bernardo finally told the media that he was seeking treasure in the early 2000s.

But as of right now, nothing is known about whether he was successful. The island is once again managed by the government.

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