A man in New Zealand who was swimming discovered a huge 4-meter squid on the shore

As he searched for the ideal diving spot, the man walked down the coast. Suddenly, a peculiar white object in the distance attracted his attention.

As he got closer, the diver discovered he was staring at a four-meter-long huge squid.

Dave had arranged to meet up with his brothers and go diving together over the weekend.

The brother questioned what it was as he pointed to something close to the water.

Dave later recalled, ‘We checked and found a big squid. The squid was clearly larger than any of his relatives when viewed up close.

The length of the squid reaches 4 meters, according to a tape measure they had taken from the car.

The local marine university’s biologist responded to the image (the brothers posted the find on the net).

He claimed that only a little specimen of Architeuthis sp. was discovered on the shore. These animals can reach a height of 13 meters.

The expert added that the men likely discovered a young member of the species. The research institute has already received the squid for analysis. What a miracle.

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