A large timber wolf is playing with his guardian and hugging her

Wolves are stunning and beautiful. This woman really loves and cares for them, isn’t the focus of the story.

She plays with them and enjoys their affection and hugs even more.

Danelle loves animals and the outdoors a lot. She has a special fondness for wolves.

The eight-year-old wolf, Kecia, is adored by the kindly guardian. They meet up every day, and the wolf always reacts in a sensitive way when he sees her.

They had a cute moment together that was filmed by the center and quickly went viral on social media.

In the heartwarming video, Danelle can’t stop hugging and caressing with Kecia as they play together.

He gives her a dog-like face lick. Kecia was a native Floridian. Kecia is a large animal that weighs about 120 pounds, but despite its enormous size, it is incredibly kind and quiet.

Danelle doesn’t show any concern when she interacts and plays with her favorite animal because she believes in the timber wolf.

She feels honored to have the wolf pack welcome her. The pictures of the gray wolf interacting with his heroic person in the snow have received over 10,000,000 views.

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