A large family resides together aboard a converted school bus

Life in a van is already typical in America and Europe. Every day, a number of groups reappear on the network, where their members just offer travel advice, live freely, and serve as role models for others.

An American family’s life has been dramatically improved as a result of these communities.

Dave, the family’s father, got himself into difficulty a few years back.

His wife Jessi Rocha was unable to work at the time because she was on parental leave and had two young children.

Dave was unable to stabilize his financial status because the family’s finances were inadequate.

Fortunately he recognized the issue in time and started getting help, which is again an additional expense.

Dave had the concept for a pickup truck at that time. It was modeled after an English family that spent years traveling the world while living in a van.

The couple knew how to make it into a cozy house, and today the family has already been to many American cities, always stopping at the most picturesque locations.

The choice to live in a van kept the family from separating and increased their bond. They had a new child at this time.

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