A hungry bear cub wandered into a community until he was spotted and saved by a man

One day, a farmer observed a small wild animal looking for food walking through their community.

He couldn’t tell what animal it was at first, so he approached to have a closer look and discovered it was a little bear cub.

The unwelcomed furry visitor was hungry and thirsty.

Nikolay, a Belarussian farmer, rescued the helpless and lost tiny creature and chose to take him home and care for him.

The bear cub was too frail and young to live in the wild on its own. Nikolay also had no desire to transfer him to a zoo, where he would spend the rest of his life in cage.

Nikolay reasoned that the cub’s mother may be in the area, so he set out to find her near the settlement and even in the woods with his hunting companions.

They had to abandon their hunt for bear’s mother after two days because it had yielded no results.

Nikolay’s next action was to phone the authorities and describe the scenario in the hopes of receiving an answer to the inquiry.

However, he was taken aback to hear only unhelpful suggestions.

They offered two options: putting the little creature down or releasing him into the wild.

Nikolay, on the other hand, knew that the bear cub would not survive in the wild, and putting him down was not an option for him.

As a result, the tiny bear stayed at Nikolay’s house, establishing not just a permanent residence, but also food, comfort, love, and care. He developed into a unique pet.

Nikolay received a passport from the village council soon after, proving the bear cub’s legal status in their community. Vasilisa was his name.

Nikolay intends to construct a large house in which Vasilisa will be able to live in luxury and quiet.

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