A homeless man rushes inside a flaming shelter to save all of the animals

This man’s actions can be deemed true heroism because he saved the lives of 16 animals in urgent situation thanks to his quick reaction.

Keth is 53 years old and has been living on the street for quite a long time.

When a fire broke out in a shelter for homeless animals, the brave guy decided to risk his life to save the defenseless animals.

Thanks to his bravery, dedication and kindness, all of the cats and dogs in the shelter were rescued.

Keith has been living on the street with his pit bull, Bavo, for the past 13 years. He observed flames while driving to the shelter to pick up his dog during a fire.

The owner of this company, Grace, knows Keth well and allowed him to leave his own doggy dog there overnight.

‘If you can love a dog, you can love anyone,’ the man said after his brave gesture.

Because my dog is my most valuable possession and without him, I would not be here, I had no choice but to save the lives of all other dogs in there.

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