A heartfelt photo of a police officer comforting a dog in a bad shape has gone viral

An officer from Florida is a fantastic illustration of how being kind costs nothing.

Carlo came across a wonderful scene while walking his dog. Officers discovered a dog that was in a bad shape.

This adorable puppy, on the other hand, was really peaceful. She only wanted to be comforted.

To console her, the officer removed his jacket and wrapped it over the dog. When a passer-by saw this, he was moved and decided to record the event on film.

It’s not something he sees every day, he added. Until help arrived, the officer proceeded to console and pet the dog. The dog was transferred to the local shelter when help came, where she is being treated.

They were unable to locate the microchip, though. As a result, she’ll be held in the shelter until her owners are located.

The officer is relieved that the dog is doing well and strongly advises that all pet owners have their pets microchipped.

After all, kids may be a small part of your life, but you are the center of their universe.

The Sheriff’s Office praised the officer for his caring and compassionate service.

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